Saturday, July 09, 2005

Shaw's VOIP

Mark Evans

Shaw Communications added 22.5K cable telephony customers in fiscal Q3 - the first full quarter the service has been available from the Calgary-based cableco. All in all, it's not a pretty good number given Shaw is charging $55 a month for cable telephony - the most expensive VOIP service in Canada. There are some suggestions Canadian cablecos (Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw) have decided to have premium prices out of the gate to "control" demand and ensure customers who do sign up are happy campers. Once any kinks have been worked out, the cablecos could then get more competitive on price. Meanwhile, Videotron is having trouble keeping up with strong demand for its cable telephony service that ranges from $15.95 to $30 a month. Check out my posting earlier this week for a good look at the VOIP pricing landscape in Canada.


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I am having problems w/ Shaw VOIP in Winnipeg in that it cuts out, doesn't work, I can hear people but they can't hear me. Shaw says it's no big deal & I should get a cell phone to call them when it happens. The thing is.... it shouldn't be happening.

Now I find that a couple of other people signed up w/ Shaw and are having the same problems. If anyone is having problems with Shaw, I would appreciate hearing from you. I think this thing is bigger than just a couple of people.
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