Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You're Cancelling Your VOIP Service?

Mark Evans

My brother, who, in theory, fits into the VOIP sweetspot (lives by himself, tech-savvy, has friends around the world) recently cancelled his Primus Canada service. How come? After coughing up $30 a month, he found he rarely used the service. Turns out, he figured he could get away with using his cell phone and sign up for an inexpensive LD plan. For international calls, my brother will simply Skype his friends. Maybe the young, single crowd isn't VOIP-friendly after all. Maybe it's a service geared to people who work from home and/or make a lot of LD calls. Maybe - heaven forbid - VOIP prices need to decline further, or more lite-plans need to be offered to pursue the single, cell phone-loving demographic. Another thought is the VOIP industry needs to do a better job educating consumers about features other than cheap LD. The young, single demographic, for example, could be courted by highlighting the ease in forwarding calls to multiple locations.


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