Thursday, June 16, 2005

Xten: The secret of Y! Messenger’s success

Leonardo Faoro - The VoIP Weblog

Not two days after scooping up Dialpad, Yahoo has licensed XTen’s SIP-based softphone SDK for VoIP features in new versions of Yahoo messenger. This is a promising move, as the XTen software, already licensed by Vonage and others, is years ahead of other SIP softphone offerings. (Try their free SIP softphone, X-Lite, at

This move also confounds my understanding of Yahoo’s VoIP strategy a bit, as the Dialpad acquisition could be seen as redundant to the Xten license, in some ways. For example, both Dialpad and Xten provide SIP-based softphone technology. Dialpad offers the call-swithing infrastructure required to offer a full-blown PC-to-PC VoIP network with the ability to call regular landline phones. So maybe Y! is going to combine the best of both worlds, using Xten’s excellent SIP tools to adapt Y! Messenger to Dialpad’s existing VoIP network. Time will tell.


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