Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Will Microsoft Play Nice With Others?

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

Yesterday Microsoft began their assault on the telco world with their announcement about working with AT&T. As the day progressed more news seem to bubble to the surface about their VoIP and Telecom efforts here at SuperComm.
Now when you look at their move with Sun things start to make sense even more. To enter this world you don't run the kind of applications MSFT is making on Dell servers fully. You need big honking ones like Sun Netras and Blade servers.
You need connectivity that's reliable, which is why they have linked up with AT&T and you need applications which is why they had to turn to Sylantro that and one other small fact overlooked by many. The Sylantro application server is already working within the AT&T network.
So with all these moves, one question remains. Can Microsoft play nicely with others. Over the years the company has formed alliances, partnerships, but never made them last. Their preacher, non-teacher style has enabled Apple to rule Hollywood and the Music business. One has to wonder if their heavy handed approach will work in telecom.


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