Monday, June 20, 2005

What impact will P2PSIP have on VoIP Peering

Eric Lagerway -

According to Stealth Communications their VoIP Peering technology could put ILECs out of business. I would think that P2PSIP would have a similar impact and potentially more significant. If end points were smart enough not to need a "super node" or alike costs could be reduced dramatically and features could be, for the most part, maintained. Easier said than done.
In a conversation I had with an industry stakeholder I asked the same question and he commented "P2PSIP is nearing a point where product creation using the technology might make sense although features like voicemail would likely have to be delvered by way of a centralized service."
Which to me makes sense, I am not sure I would want my voicemail stored on someone elses computer.
I look forward to the next IETF in July when hopefully more progress has been made on the drafts.


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