Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cisco's Take on Service Providers Approach to IP

Mark Evans

I had an interesting chat with Carlos Dominguez, Cisco's senior vice-president of worldwide service provider operations. As much as carriers are focused on cutting costs by converging data and voice traffic on to the same networks, Dominquez said it's also important for them to have the right tools to monitor and manage network activity. This technology lets carriers better allocate capacity and create new value-added services, as well as avoid building out unneeded capacity. At the heart of Cisco's network management portfolio are deep packet inspection and IP traffic predictability technology. Dominguez, who spoke earlier today at the Canadian Telecom Summit, talked about a cable customer who was having problems with service to 1,000 customers. Using packet inspection boxes, Cisco discovered there 27 customers running ISPs. During an analyst call earlier today, Nortel CEO Bill Owens talked about Nortel can combine its deep packet inspection technology with Symantec Corp.'s virus and intrusion expertise to secure networks.


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