Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Hour, Another Yahoo Deal

Mark Evans

It has sure been a busy day for Yahoo's M&A folks amid news the company has also acquired (in addition to the earlier deal for Dialpad). is a Web-based blog aggregating tool with a cool blogrolling feature. I can't provide too much more context on how fits into the RSS reader/aggregator market but what's more interesting is the recent moves made by Yahoo to position itself in new, emerging market. The purchase of Dialpad accelerates Yahoo's plans to enter the VOIP market, while acquiring Flickr gave Yahoo a strong position in the photo-blogging world. Yahoo CEO Terry Semel deserves a lot of credit for helping Yahoo get its mojo back when it appeared to be stalled strategically after the dot-com bubble burst. It wasn't that long ago critics were carping about Yahoo's missed opportunity when it failed to buy eBay and/or Disney. Today, Yahoo has emerged as the leading new media company while AOL attempts to re-invent itself within the Time-Warner empire. The bottom line is the wheeling and dealing in the VOIP and blog markets appears to be off to a running start. I suspect there will be a lot of add-on deals as large companies snap up interesting start-ups. See my posting yesterday for more context.


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