Wednesday, June 08, 2005

8x8 Addresses VOIP Adoption Riddle

Mark Evans

As much as I'm an 8x8 Inc. skeptic, the company deserves major kudos for a deal with Uniden that will see the two firms offer a bundle featuring VOIP service and a 5.8Ghz corded/cordless phone with built-in VoIP technology and router functionality that is expandable to up to 10 cordless handsets. The consumer-friendly service will be sold at retailers such as Fry's, OfficeMax, and next month. This package, which ideally should include three cordless phones, solves a major adoption hurdle for many consumers living in multi-phone households. Unless you're willing to buy a new multi-phone cordless system or hire someone to connect your VOIP service so all your phone jacks continue to work, it makes little sense economically or logistically for many households to jump on the VOIP bandwagon. 8x8 and Uniden realize there is a big marketing/sales opportunity that has yet to be addressed properly. I'm guessing it should only be a matter of time before Vonage, SunRocket, et al introduce their own packages.


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