Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why not looking at it under another point of view?

"Why is every regulator in the world making consultations regarding VoIP (some of them already the second or third), making decisions, just to make another consultation after some time? Robert Shaw is pointing at the ITU-T VoIP Newsblog to the ITU-D 2005 Regulatory Proceedings giving a snapshot of the current consultations and decisions.

So if regulation is technology neutral, what is all this fuzz about?"

VoIP is a new technology, it is something that is and WILL substitute the way we communicate.

It is REAL communication, while telephony was just exchanging sounds.

In a face to face communication you involve most of your senses, voice, eyesight, in VoIP you can even do something more, you can exchange written documents at a speed that would be impossible in a normal person to person meeting.
You can send your data, your programs, not only your image, but the image of what you own and you want to share.

This is simply impossible to do with the classic telephony.
It is an open door toward progress, why do you need to regulate, in the sense, why should somebody feel the need to stop it and forbid it?
Just for a few commas among sentences.

The Telecoms had the privilege to own it before the Public, they had the money and the power to implement it.
They DID'T.

Because it was and is against their interests, they couldn't anymore suck the people with obsolete services paid at a very high price.

So, THEY LOST the game, because they didn't want to fight.

VoIP followers of this world, let us take our chance...not creating new monopolies, but a new world of communications where everybody can have his shares...

Patrizia from a World on IP


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