Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What Will Bill Owens Say?

Mark Evans

You know the feeling you got - or still get - on Christmas Eve where the anticipation of what's to come the next day is almost overwhelming. Well, it kind of feels like Dec. 24 today given Nortel CEO Bill Owens is slated to give a keynote speech at the Canadian Telecom Summit tomorrow morning. The excitement is almost killing me. Will Owens talk about Nortel's ambitous plans for India? Will he discuss the fast-moving world of U.S. government services? Will he articulate Nortel's plans for strategic acquisitions? Or will he will he finally provide details of the company's strategic vision? Personally, I'm planning on getting there early to get a prime seat. Of course, this will probably be a necessity for reporters hoping to lob a question or two at Mr. Owens given there won't be a press conference afterwards, and it's likely he will be whisked back to the friendly confines of Nortel's corporate headquarters in Brampton.


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