Monday, May 09, 2005

Vonage CFO Says Cable Doesn't Hurt

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

Vonage CFO Says Cable Doesn't Hurt

If you believe the CFO of Vonage, every time a cable company pushes VoIP it helps Vonage.
I'm not buying that. What is helping Vonage are extensive retail display programs at leading retailers. While Packet 8 is doing those Pay for Position type of deals also, the unscientific reports from retail floor manager tells me that Vonage is the most asked for VoIP service. Many also admit that they don't know which carrier is better for customers.
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While I Pen About Vonage, James Ponders Skype

James Enck has a delightful piece about Skype and it's future. He draws out some scenarios. Here's on he doesn't though.
Skype and Vonage get married. Neither owns any real network assets. Vonage has some infrastructure. Both have mega loads of customers.
I must be dreaming..back to sleep.


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