Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vonage and Verizon Deal With E-911

Vonage and Verizon Deal With E-911

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch
Vonage has struck a deal with Verizon to enable customers of the upstart next gen VoIP carrier to get access to the Public Safety Access Points called PSAPs that fall within the Verizon territory.
While its too early to tell how the implementation will work, it's likely that Vonage will offer their customers a few options based that help them determine what level of 911 service is available to them. Since Vonage already has a LNP determination tool that lets users figure out if they can transfer their phone number, Vonage likely will roll out a similar service for 911. The best guess is some type of opt-in, online enrollment will be part of an upcoming Vonage bill that is emailed to you as well as some type of heavy marketing effort from Vonage to make sure the users don't forget to enroll for their own sake as well, as to avoid potential litigation down the road from another Texas type problem.
My guess is this announcement with Verizon is just the first of many with the RBOCs and RLECs who have the infrastructure to provide access to the PSAPs and that given the pressure being exerted by various states Vonage and other VoIP carriers will get the solutions ramped up and working by the end of the year.
I also figure the carriers and suppliers will also come up with a solution for the VoIP nomads who use softphones or travel with their Telephone Adapters and that news about that will be coming down the line in the future.
This is a very good first step, considering Verizon extended the olive branch last week and Vonage was quick to respond, even though the solution will cost Vonage a boatload of VC and income generated cash that's in the bank right now. That olive branch was more "it's not us" than anything and was thinly veiled finger-pointing, but it did the trick and both companies will have done what's in the public's best interest, once it's working .
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