Wednesday, May 11, 2005

VoIP Skeptics, Listen Up. The 911 Issue Ain’t so Simple.

Leonardo Faoro - The VoIP Weblog

The Vonage Legal Dogpile has really stirred up some debate!

In fact, my blog seems to have attracted the ire of those in favor of the government watchdogging IP voice providers into submission. I have, of course, been calling the legal dogpile on Vonage baseless and gratuitous for quite a while now. Because of this, I stand accused of being a poster boy for Vonage.
The VoIP skeptic purports that I never have anything negative to say about VoIP providers, as if I’m a mouthpiece for the big, powerful, Enron-like VoIP industry. Anybody who has read my book knows that I never, ever tow the company line. In fact, I’ve ticked off more than a handful of Cisco IP Telephony resellers for exposing the way they stretch the truth and misrepresent the offerings of competitors.


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