Saturday, May 28, 2005

VOIP Me When I need to Pit Stop

Mark Evans

In another attempt to force VOIP into the mainstream conciousness, Cisco will arm Indy 500 drivers Eddie Cheever and Patrick Carpentier with technology to communicate with their engineers and pit crews during the upcoming race. The technology, which includes Cisco service access points, routers and wireless IP phones, will provide pit crews and both drivers with real-time information and statistics during the race. "Cisco is changing the way our team communicates and analyzes data," said Cheever gushes in a press release. Given Cisco credit for trying to generate some excitement around VOIP. Speaking of buzz, Cisco's back in the news again with the $70 million acquisition of FineGround Networks, which makes technology that accelerate Web-based application performance over IP networks. I wonder when my friends at Nortel are going to get on the technology acquisition bandwagon?


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