Saturday, May 07, 2005

VOIP 911

Mark Evans - Mark Evans

VOIP 911
by Mark Evans on May 6, 2005 04:26PM (EDT)
It's interesting to see how the FCC may force U.S. VOIP service providers to offer access to 911 given Canada's telecom regulator has already implemented this policy. So far, 911 has been the most pro-active thing the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has addressed with VOIP. That will change, however, on May 12 when the CRTC hands down its much-anticipated ruling on whether to regulate VOIP. The 911 decision came out a couple weeks ago - a decision that left the small players gnashing their teeth while larger players simply looked at it as the cost of doing business in Canada.
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VOIP IPOs: The Waiting Game

by Mark Evans on May 6, 2005 08:59AM (EDT)
Mark Evans
Financial Post

Amid all the hype surrounding the emergence of Internet telephony, there has been a missing element: a flurry of initial public offerings.
This is an interesting situation given IPOs were a dime a dozen during the dot-com boom when many companies issued equity based on a sexy idea or soon after signing their first customer.
The most blatant example of a company still sitting on the sidelines is Vonage Holdings Corp., which is raising another US$200-million of private equity rather than do an IPO.
Perhaps the simplest explanation for the dearth of IPOs is the unfriendly ...


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