Friday, May 27, 2005

Ted Rogers Picks His Success? Maybe, Maybe Not

Mark Evans

The question of who's going to succeed Ted Rogers as Rogers Communication Inc.'s CEO may have become a little more clear yesterday when the company's wireless domo, Nadir Mohamed, was also given responsibility for the cable division. Ted is 71-years-old and apparently plans to retire in three years, so it makes sense to give the well-respected Mohamed more responsibility. At the same time, Ted shows no signs of slowing down and, given he controls the publicly-traded firm, he'll probably never really retire. By promoting Mohamed, Ted does two things: he gives a senior executive a good reason to stick around - other than giving him more cash - and he gives himself an opportunity to back away a little more from day-to-day operations. When it comes to succession plans, my take is Ted will stick around as long as he can - the 2008 retirement plan will likely be bumped or eliminated - until his son, 36-year-old son Edward, is ready to take the helm. If you're Edward Rogers, you are probably happy to have someone like Mohamed running the big show as it will let him learn while staying somewhat out of the spotlight.


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