Sunday, May 15, 2005

Stock Price Marketing of VoIP

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

When I read that companies are participating at events like this it tells me one thing. STOCK PRICE is important to the company and they think that by talking at these events they can influence the market. As an FYI Packet8 will also be presenting and I hope to meet up with Bryan Martin, Chairman of P8 before his presentation.
Clearly there are major differences between the two companies, other than they both want to capture a share of the VoIP market. What I do like is that both are willing to innovate. For example P8 is being bold with their videophone and i2 is clearly demonstrating imagination with their VoiceStick. That said, my experience with i2's voice stick was very sub par, with lousy audio quality compared to Skype, CallVantage, AOL, Broadvoice and VoicePulse. Even my recent Sun Rocket experience blew the VoiceStick experience away.
Packet8's videophone on the other hand has phone voice like quality. The difference may be in the network, or it can be simply that the codec i2 is using pales in comparison to what's inside the P8 phone.... The bottom line is that participation in investor conferences is all about driving up stock price so the news is not the primary goal.


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