Friday, May 27, 2005

Skype Closer To Video Conferencing

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

As I said last week Skype is clearly taking aim at the video conference space.
For companies like XTEN and SightSpeed this could pose a real threat if they don't make the right moves soon. SightSpeed has a new update to their client due out in a day or so. It will feature SIP based on a note I received yesterday from their customer relations group. I think that's the right move for them. XTEN is already using SIP. So too is Packet8 and they too are developing their own client. Yahoo's new Messenger is also SIP based. Skype at this point isn't.
Skype has more users. The other guys are using a standards. Skype has more users. Thus, that begs the question, why don't the software clients all talk to one another that are using SIP? Interoperability is the key for growth, yet Skype will likely amass more users (or claim them by downloads) than the rest simply due to the Skype hype
At last report Yahoo had 13 million or so users of their Webcam software that is embedded inside Messenger. According to well placed sources, a great deal of the usage is the amateur adult variety, something that tells me videocam usage will rise over time, as the adult market is one of the proof points for adoption and behavior indicators of new media taking hold. Just think of the VCR, DVD and downloadable movies. Adult content always paved the way.
With Skype entering the Video Conferencing space along with their superior sound codecs, I can only imagine the moaning and groaning over peer to peer.


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