Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quintum introduces Tenor Call

Tom Keating - VoIP Blog

Quintum Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of voice over IP solutions has introduced its Tenor Call Relay 60 Session Border Controller (SBC), which provides VoIP connectivity between enterprise networks or small service provider POPs, and the public network. The new Tenor Call Relay has doubled the capacity of its original Call Relay, and added several new features.

Call Relay 60 architecture has been enhanced. The base unit, which supports 16 simultaneous VoIP calls, can now be upgraded via software to support up to 60 simultaneous VoIP calls, double the capacity of the original Call Relay.

Tenor Call Relay supports both H.323 and SIP signaling protocols. In addition, it offers auto-codec negotiation and signaling translation between H.323 and SIP for transparent inter-networking, allowing it to be used as both a signaling gateway and a media gateway. Passing signaling through the Call Relay and streaming media directly between endpoints allows selection of optimal media paths. This eases deployments for both enterprises and service providers looking to expand their VoIP networks to home offices branch offices, customers, partners and across the public internet.

Also, now built into the Call Relay 60 is a local gatekeeper option to register and control H.323 IP endpoints. The gatekeeper routes calls within the local network, which maximizes efficiency. When calls are being sent to endpoints outside the local network, they are routed through the Call Relay to the WAN IP.

Call Relays support both NATAccess™ and Remote NAT for transparent and secure network deployment behind firewalls. Tenor Call Relay also supports Quintum’s PacketSaver™ technology, a multiplexing software with the ability to reduce the bandwidth required by multiple calls between Quintum Tenor Switches and Call Relays up to 57% of the incoming VoIP traffic stream. This is an optional software upgrade.

Tenor Call Relay comes with a simple configuration GUI for easy set up. It also provides a central point for VoIP call management, administration and security at the edge of the network.

“With the growing number of VoIP endpoint devices in the enterprise, the session controller capability at the edge of the enterprise network becomes more critical,” stated Chuck Rutledge, VP of Marketing at Quintum Technologies. “The Call Relay 60 provides the perfect session controller solution for the enterprise.”

The call relay 60 is generally available and pricing starts at $2000.


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