Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Picasa 2: Great for Photo Organization and emailing of Photos

Jeff Pulver - The Jeff Pulver Blog

During the past month (in my spare time) I have enjoyed taking the first steps in learning how to use my new Nikon D70 and have started to learn about some of the various software applications available to those who are serious about their digital photos.
While I'm still experimenting with Nikon Capture Editor, the first application I discovered during my odyssey was a free software application called Picasa 2, a product from a company acquired by Google in 2004.
I first learned about Picasa 2 by using Gmail. Not knowing better, I started using Picasa 2 for both photo organization and simple photo editing. If you find yourself emailing your digital photos on a regular basis, one feature that stands above the rest is the tight seamless integration between Picasa 2 and Gmail. One feature that I would love to see introduced in a future edition of Picasa 2 would be "layering." Layering I've learned, is the technique used by those familiar with applications like Photoshop to combine elements from various digital photos into what appears to be one photo or work product.


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