Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Missing Post

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

I pulled the post about embargoes. I got slammed with calls and emails from reporters wanting to hear what I knew about what I'm not talking about. While I held firm and didn't tell, I can now safely say I know who in the media really reads my blog.
After the series of calls (and emails) I learned that we all share the same views on so called news embargoes and the favoritism game that has to be played to get stories out. As a PR person I know why that's important, but I also know how to play it so no one feels hurt. Hopefully some light has been shed on the issue of embargoes and how the practice of working with them gets changed. I already know how I would do it
Exclusives though are a different story, and while those are becoming less and less these days, as the web has supplanted even radio and TV as the means to get the story out, they do carry significant weight.
As for those who keep calling and emailing, I'm standing pat on what I said before and that's simply I'm honoring the embargo and just hope I don't get scooped or beaten to the post


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