Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Importance Of IP to An IT/IP World

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

Last week my client, Popular Telephony quietly announced the appointment of Dan McCurdy to their Board of Advisors.
The release wasn't put on the wire, we just emailed it to a few friends who matter as the wire is not always the only way to go to get the word out.
Dan McCurdy's there to both advise on how to protect and properly leverage the Intellectual Property (IP) the company has with Peerio, Popular Telephony's award winning (Pulver 100 and Internet Telephony Product of the Year) USPTO Patent Pending application platform that has already been licensed by almost 20 technology companies, including many VoIP handset/end point and gateway companies around the world.
The rationale behind the addition is quite simple. The whole world is going IP and it all comes down to whose IP is used when someone is effecting change on IT. McCurdy's an IP hotshot who is the President and CEO of ThinkFire, an east coast company which provides intellectual property advisory services to some of the world's leading technology companies. But before that he was with Lucent and IBM, two companies that know all about patents. So does Cisco, Microsoft and Qualcomm.
Without the right advice about IP in house and knowing how to use it nothing happens that creates value in a company. That's why when the earnings have been low, the Wall Street types still find a way to support them. Because the value in the Intellectual Property has value far beyond the balance sheet.
So the implication is rather simple. Upstart, disruptive and in Martin Geddes words, subversive Popular Telephony gets the attention of hot shot IP type not because they have a pretty web site, but because they have something of value. That means the right approaches, the right contacts and most importantly the right to say no to bad opportunities. Great ideas are one thing, knowing how to get them to the right companies is another. Point and Set to Dmitry Goroshevsky for lassoing McCurdy before someone else in the Peer 2 Peer space had the foresight to do so


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