Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Free Cell Phone TV

Tom Keating - VoIP Blog

Ben Charmy over at CNet is reporting "free" advertising supported music videos delivered to cellphones. This is interesting but since I am no longer a teenager, I could care less about music videos and care more about getting my favorite TV shows, such as 24 sent to my mobile phone's LCD display. I realize the teenage demographic is important, but c'mon! There are plenty of adults who will pay to watch their favorite TV show while on the road. Probably damn tight copyright lawyers holding up the process of getting TV programming on cellphones. Ok, end rant. Here's a snippet of Ben's article:

An estimated 10 million cell phones with Windows' Media Player software inside will be able to receive and display programming from the Digital Music Video Network when it debuts in mid-June with Top 40 music videos, organizers said Tuesday. Rather than paying a monthly fee for the programming, all viewers need do is wait through 15-second advertisements sandwiched between the music videos, and pay the data-service fee for downloading all those bits onto their cell phone.Cell phone TV services such as Verizon Wireless's vCast and MobiTV, which is offered by Sprint and Cingular Wireless, all require monthly subscriptions costing between $10 and $20 a month. "It's the closest thing in the mobile media arena to a traditional broadcast network" such as CBS, NBC or ABC, SmartVideo Chief Executive Richard Bennett said in prepared remarks.


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