Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Firefox's Guerilla Marketing

by Mark Evans

Not that it should surprise anyone but the Firefox community's efforts to spread the word now include online commercials. Firefox evangelist Tristan Nitot commissioned three a French viral agency to create three ads, which show people using Firefox for the first time. The video clips, which are designed to be e-mailed to friends, have been viewed nearly two millions times this month. While it's amusing to see the Firefox community step it up, the real test will come when IE 7 is ready for prime time. With enhanced anti-virus protection and tabbed browsing, the big question will be whether Firefox can maintain its momentum. In other words, can it take the leap from 50 million downloads to 100 million, and can it move from 6% or so of the browser market to 10%? At 10%, corporate users may have to sit up and take notice that there is an alternative out there. Then again, you wonder have many CIOs and CTOs are ready to adopt an open-souce browser, even though many of them are using Linux on their Web servers.


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