Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Figured out the Asterisk Problem

Figured out the Asterisk Problem

Even after loading Asterisk@Home, I was still having a problem. Turned out to be a compilation problem with Asterisk that was causing the problem.

The system I am using is an VIA EPIA Min-ITX motherboard. The OS seems to think it's a i686, but it's really a i586. This apparently causes Asterisk to crash with this motherboard. A change in the makefile and a recompile later, Asterisk is starting again.

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Asterisk @ Home is up, but not configured

After swapping hard drives, burning a few coasters, and breaking a couple of CD-rom drives, I got Asterisk@Home 1.0 working on my old Asterisk server. It's up, but that's about all I can say at this point. I haven't configured it yet.

I can say that they've got the install part down pretty well, though. I put in the disk, walked away for several hours, and when I came back, the system had a semi-reasonable set of defaults and everything was up and ready to be configured. It'd be nice if the system actually prompted you to, say, pick a different root password or a different web admin password. Especially since they warn you in the docs about using the default password.

Anyway, the further configuration will be a project for another evening. It was time to go to bed an hour or two ago.
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