Monday, May 16, 2005

Earthlink MVNO To Include WiFi

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

Earthlink is moving into the phone business in a big way, but with a ubiquitous stratey behind it.
Between their VoIP business that already have with Vonage and future expansion that is already being planned with SK-Earthlink to create the next generation of wireless carrier.
I did a briefing last week and walked away impressed. Earthlink already has a penchant for innovation. Their relationships are very solid and they already are seeing value in working with cutting edge companies like SK-Telecom. But most of all they have great customer loyalty and customer service.
What is also clear is that other MVNO's will appear on the landscape here in the USA beyond Virgin and Boost. ESPN, SK-Earthlink and Time Warner, are all working with Sprint/Nextel and Verizon. That means, the MVNO's in the USA are all CDMA. AT&T which was working with Sprint, pulled back due to the impending merger with SBC was also going that route. All this spells good news for Qualcomm.
All of that said, Earthlink comes out of the gate looking like a winner, especially since it sounds like they will be working on WiFi phone capabilities, but blending it with CDMA handsets.
That means one carrier, delivering all your voice and data services, wired, wireless and mobile. Don't be surprised if Boingo, another Sky Dayton company gets bought by Earthlink one day, or in the end, the whole business gets bought by Sprint.


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