Saturday, May 28, 2005


Martin Geddes - Telepocalypse

It had to happen some day. I’ve got my first Skype authorisation spam. I won’t grace the perpetrator with publicising their ID or URL, but here’s the text from their profile:
Build a profitable Online Business [sic] from home with the established brands from wellness, telecom and retail industry where the market is booming.
Not to be missed - Online shopping…
I guess they put it in their profile and leave the boilerplate authorisation message so the one-click home page link is active. (Links in authorisation messages aren’t clickable, I assume.) Or maybe they rely on you just saying yes to anyone so they can spam you some more.
I wonder if the Skype API will make this problem worse? Much easier to build a spambot that way.
Time for Skype to “go social”: friends-of-friends are allowed to send authorisation messages to me. People blocked by friends should have to have a SkypeIn or SkypeOut account to approach me. (Not willing to risk even €10 skin in the game when people are blocking you? Then piss off and don’t bother me.) Strangers should, at the very least, have to solve a captcha to make this stuff scale badly for spammers. Expect all the usual blacklists, filters and stuff to apply.
Yawn — here we go again.


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