Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dial-Up is (Still) Alive & Well

Mark Evans

The dial-up business, which is supposed to disappear as broadband becomes more ubiquitious, refuses to go down without a fight. A key figure in their corner - excuse the boxing theme - is Slipstream Data Inc., which develops acceleration technology that puts dial-up service on steroids. Slipstream just signed up their 2,000th client - which is surprising because I didn't think there were 2,000 dial-up ISPs in business. While dial-up may not get a lot of attention these days, there is clearly a market for the service from consumers unwilling to pay $40 to $60 a month for a high-speed connection. These are people who may want to check e-mail from time to time, or looking for cheap Internet access while on the road. For ISPs, dial-up is a lucrative business because costs are low even if you sell it for $10 a month. Slipstream's customers include AOL Canada (Netscape Nitro) and United Online (Net Zero, Juno).


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