Monday, May 16, 2005

A CRTC Income Trust?

Mark Evans

Brian Sharwood and Iain Grant, telecom consultants with a flair for colourful research, suggest - clearly, tongue firmly in check, - the CRTC should open itself to investors based on how much work its recent decision to regulate ILECs that offer VOIP services will create. In a report entitled "CRTC's New Workfare - Jobs for Boys", the Seaboard Group analysts disagree with the CRTC's arguments and conclusions, and contend the regulator has "given itself years of new work". They go on to sarcastically contend "if we could, we would invest money in the CRTC. This is a recipe for plenty-of-work and increased employment – there may even be construction-trades implications: The Commission will need a new wing for its analysts".
One thing Sharwood and Grant should or could have added is the CRTC's decision is also a positive boost for the telecom consulting business as customers, service providers and equipment makers seek advice on what it means and where the CRTC could go in the future. The decision is a bureaucratic dream - lengthy, complex and open to all kinds of interpretation. Francois Menard provides a succinct snapshot of some of the more important paragraphs.


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