Sunday, May 15, 2005

Circles Implements Envision Telephony

Tom Keating - VoIP Blog

Envision Telephony, Inc., a leading provider of business solutions for the contact center and the enterprise, will announce this coming Monday that Circles, a provider of proven loyalty management solutions for top-performing companies, chose to implement the Envision™ Performance Suite in all of its contact centers. Envision’s Performance Suite will allow Circles to optimize performance and mine transaction data to better understand customer needs. The Envision Performance Suite includes full-time recording, business intelligence, agent evaluation and eLearning solutions.

Circles' unique suite of services and experiences engage customers and employees in a personal and memorable way to drive behaviors that positively impact the bottom line. Through the use of their Concierge-services platform, Circles forges an ongoing dialogue with clients’ valued customers and employees, providing an opportunity to build relationships and learn more about individual needs and preferences. When asked why Circles chose Envision, Andrew Beaudoin, quality assurance director said, “After an exhaustive search in the call recording industry, we chose Envision’s solution because of its blend of intuitive features, ease of use and simplified systems integration which will enhance our industry leading concierge service product offering.”

With the Envision Performance Suite, Circles will be able to capture critical information from customer interactions and deliver it in real-time to internal enterprise managers who can take immediate strategic or tactical action to improve the customer experience. From the intelligence gathered, managers can begin to understand and measure business issues that influence agent performance, transaction management, the customer experience and ultimately the top and bottom line. Incorporating eLearning into the suite, Circles will be able to allow its subscribers (for instance, training and quality assurance managers) to identify breakdowns and create coaching clips for the contact center. This interaction creates a bridge between the contact center and the enterprise allowing the company to achieve its goal of producing profitable and enduring customer relationships.

Beaudoin went on to say, “Call monitoring and business intelligence technology today is as essential to contact center quality as the headset. It is a necessary tool to drive specialist behavior and provide data analytics to drive customer satisfaction.”

“Circles built its reputation on customer service and has been very successful at it,” said Rodney Kuhn, Envision CEO. “They are taking it to the next level with business intelligence by providing information to the entire enterprise to improve processes and offer valuable feedback on the customer experience.”


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