Thursday, May 19, 2005

Canada's Still a P2P Banana Republic

Mark Evans

Canadians can still download free music without the fear of being sued after a Federal Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that ISPs don't have to disclose the names of their customers. As a result, the music industry has no way to legally pursue people who download free music - at least for the time being. This means the music industry must continue its efforts to have the federal government change the copyright laws. Given the Liberal Party is desperately trying to stay in power, this will likely be a low priority. So if you live north of the border and have no qualms about downloading music for free, fire up Kazaa and go crazy. Of course, you can only download music; you can't share it otherwise that's breaking the law. Make of that what you will. Addendum: I may have been off the mark in my take on the Federal Court decision. While the music industry's appeal was denied, it looks like the court said the identify of downloaders can be disclosed if the music industry moves quickly and shows the court the information is fresh and relevant.


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