Monday, May 09, 2005

Breaking Microsoft’s Silence on VoIP

Leonardo Faoro - The VoIP Weblog

Microsoft has had very little to say about, or to do with, Voice over IP. They don’t provide any of the enabling technologies (except in the case of Cisco CallManager), and they don’t seem to have an especially public interest in the technology. Their first few iterations of Quality of Service software for Windows (the packet scheduler and RSVP service) seemed like they got cut from their respective development budgets before they had a chance to be any good.

Of course, with the convergence of the office and the home entertainment center, the implications of the XBox 360 for Voice and Video over IP, gaming, and home-PBX apps are compelling indeed. Add to that Microsoft’s unquestioned dominion over corporate desktop computing, their great SIP instant messaging program MSN Messenger, their cash, and their brute strength, and you’ve got to wonder why the software giant has been relatively silent on the matter of VoIP. It’s a good thing their bloggers haven’t been silent…


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