Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back to School: Reviewing the Saturday Evening Post Case Study Today

Jeff Pulver - The Jeff Pulver Blog

This week members of the Events group have gathered for a two-day, company-wide offsite meeting, where we will be engaging in a series of team building exercises and taking the time to focus on and discuss the Harvard Business School case study of the Saturday Evening Post. (Case Study: 9-593-083).
The Rise and Fall of the Saturday Evening Post from 1897 to 1969 can draw some very interesting parallels in what could happen to a non-diversified company when it faces “disruption” from various sides: a technology perspective (evolution and growth of the Radio and TV industries and the resulting effects on the print Magazine business), internal disruption (changes in management and internal in-fighting) and as well as cultural disruption, represented over a period of time by a company’s ability (or inability) to be able to adapt to the needs of a changing society.
In the world of a post dot-com crash internet, a review of the Saturday Evening Post case study can help provide an interesting perspective on life.
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