Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back on the road to zero

A super-magnifico reader points me to this, which is more ugly news for EuroTelcoland. Nordic bad boys Tele2 are launching a number of new tariff initiatives in the Norwegian market which look extremely aggressive. Most excitingly, the company has wiped out the international premium for calls between Tele2 users in Norway and Sweden (i.e., the border is meaningless), but the pricing itself is also pretty brutal. On the new Champion plan, calls to any network are NOK0.59 (EUR0.073) per minute, which is a third less than Telenor's lowest price point (note - these prices may have changed by the time you click through, I guess they have to).

UPDATE: Another Norwegian mega-value reader points out the fine print, with some added comments -

They have increased call set up cost by 17 %. Since the average mobile call is only 2.5 minutes, that is a good cushion.
They charge you for invoicing you on any other medium than email : 35 NOK per invoice
Minimum consumption is 69 NOK per month.
10 NOK charge per call to customer support (probably in addition to minute charges)
Max price on SMS (59 øre, or nearly 8 eurocent)
Very expensive GPRS and MMS (19 NOK per MB in the beginning)
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