Sunday, May 15, 2005

AT&T Does The Ex Parte Thing Too

Andy Abramson - VoIP Watch

I saw this a few days ago and was looking for more on it, but nothing beyond what I found on the topic seems to compare to an excellently penned article by Voxilla's Carolyn Schulk on the topic of E911. There are some gems to be found in her story including the only revelation I could find online which tells us that AT&T has apparently begun the introduction of E-911 to some of its new customers and claims it will have provisioned about 75% of its user base by year-end. Carolyn's digging revealed an ex-parte motion filed with the FCC earlier this week by AT&T, something other media seemed to have miss. The way I see this, AT&T is using their vast network to solve this critical public safety issue, joining the ranks of the VoIP providers who clearly have a strategy to roll out. What's interesting though is that AT&T chose to be more quiet than boastful about their intentions, likely taking the approach of deeds, not words in that matter of public safety. I'll be interested to see, how quickly as a CallVantage customer I now have E911 available to me. Stay tuned.


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