Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another Embarassment for Comcast

Leonardo Faoro - The VoIP Weblog

From the Now I’ll Never Get a Job Offer from Comcast Dept.
It turns out I’m not the only who has had to deal with Comcast’s support representatives acting, either because of policy or because of ignorance, like looney toons.
It turns out that in addition to Comcast’s…
Service technicians running in terror at the mere mention of Macintosh
Inability to troubleshoot simple problems like a bad cable modem
Ridiculous fees for digital television service (Come on, I refuse to pay $100/month for TV when I can spend $15/month for Netflix.) now appears that Comcast’s support technicans apparently don’t know what Vonage is. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock or in North Korea for the last year, you must know what Vonage is.
Case in point—Jim, one of the readers of this blog, was trying to figure out why his Comcast high-speed Internet service kept dropping packets whenever he used his Vonage service. When he asked Comast Support about it, their support rep, Shannon, asked him, “What is Vonage?”. As if that wasn’t silly enough, Shannon used almost humorously mangled English, and even mistakenly called Vonage “Vonager”.
So that some good can come from Jim’s plight, please visit the link below and read the full text of his conversation with our friend Shannon at Comcast support.


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