Tuesday, April 26, 2005

James Enck

While the telcos grapple with their own internal issues and their very size and complexity, the broadband consumer may be at least one technology generation ahead of the service provider’s people, which is a very real risk in terms of understanding the customer's point of view. Take Richard Stastny’s recent experience. Sunday he posited the idea of integrating Skype user IDs in ENUM, and by Thursday someone had done it, incorporating the Skype callto: URI in an ENUM softphone. More power to us, whatever it is we’re doing!
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I love the smell of napalm in the morningReaders of this humble blogatelle will recall that occasionally we stray into a consideration of the disruption likely to befall our own industry (investment research) at the hands of alternative sources of information/opinion/analysis, or God forbid - a concerted open source research project. Well, my very industrious cyber-bubba, Stephen Castellano, has fired the starting gun. I think I smell smoke...
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It ain't just about voicePopular Telephony yesterday announced the release of Peerio Data, a distributed storage solution employing the Peerio protocol, and for my part I'm curious to see how this concept could also be applied to media distribution - no doubt there is something cooking on that front as well. As this is VON Canada week, I think it's safe to assume we can expect some further announcements, though exactly what remains, as always, a mystery.
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Light me upMunicipal fiber project Citynet Amsterdam has released documents for the European tender for construction of passive infrastructure, available upon request. Let's get digging.
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This program is brought to you by... youAs if he didn't have enough to worry about in the Netherlands, John Malone is apparently now concerned about this internet thing. I think I, and several thousand others, have been consistently saying for some time now that trouble was brewing (I seem to recall writing 130 pages on the issue a couple of months back), so I don't know exactly who he is warning.
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