Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Do The Math

If GPRS for Data is so expensive, then why would anyone want to use it, especially for large files, video, music. This is exactly why the hybrid GSM/WiFi phones are so crucial. Go to a Starbucks hotspot, suck down your coffee and your content at the same time.
Why do I say Starbucks? Well they already have the music, the relationship with T-Mobile. The customer base and the technology elements to make it happen.
Netgear Adding Carriers
Netgear, who was somewhat late to the VoIP game is playing catch up quick. First they came out of the box, pun totally intended with AOL and now they have spread their wings across to Europe.
Based on testing, some other VoIP players are likely also due to release like version of the VoIP/Wireless Gateway. This surely will put the pressure on Linksys and D-Link, two of the larger players already in the space.
Aswath on His SIP is Not Dead "I come not to bury SIP, but to praise it"
Aswath responds to Richard Stastny's requiem for SIP. Perhaps he should have said, "news of SIP's death is bit premature."
SIP has a long future ahead, the Bellheads will modify their views on networking and services, and SKYPE will remain something of a force along with many other new and misunderstood technologies that are starting to make their way to the public space.


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